2. Business / Multiple Brands in the Global Market?

01. Main Products / Leveraging Strong Cost Competitiveness to Provide Digital Consumer Electronics to the Global Market

The products we sell in global markets include audiovisual equipment, such as LCD TVs and DVD/BD*-related products, as well as printers. We sell products under multiple brands in addition to FUNAI, and FUNAI products have a strong reputation in global markets for their quality and strong cost competitiveness.

* BD: Blu-ray Disc

CHECK / Main products: audiovisual equipment and printers / High quality, but strong cost competitiveness / Solid reputation in the global market

Graph: Percentage of Sales by Product

02. Brands / Multiple Brands

Brand Development LCD TVs and DVD/BD-Related Products


* Licensed Brand

We supplies high-quality products with high cost performance, through various brands, to the world's markets. Five brands are developed based on market conditions and product features. Our each group companies operate development, manufacture and sales around the world. We have built a strong global business structure supported by strong brand competitibveness.

CHECK / Expand business by multiple brands / Operate development, manufacuture and sales around the world