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Notice of the Formation of Funai Electric Co., Ltd. Commercial & Industrial Team for Ink-Jet Products



Funai Electric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Daito, Osaka; hereinafter, "Funai") today announces the formation of the Funai Ink-Jet commercial and industrial ("C&I") OEM team. Funai's C&I OEM team will focus on the worldwide marketing and sale of Funai-manufactured thermal Ink-Jet products for C&I markets. Funai C&I Ink-Jet products are based upon Lexmark International, Inc. (Lexington, Kentucky) thermal Ink-Jet technology, which was acquired by Funai in April 2013.

Funai's C&I products include Ink-Jet printhead and ink solutions, and will begin shipping in early 2014. "Funai understands the long‐term growth potential for C&I ink-jet business, and is actively investing in new products and technologies to address the needs of our core markets," said Kiyoshi Chinzei, Officer and General Manager of Office Solution B.U. at Funai, "Funai's products will utilize the competitive advantages of Funai's thermal ink-jet technology, and deliver leading‐edge solutions to the market. Funai is committed to the C&I Ink-Jet business, and this is a key part of Funai's long‐term strategy."

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