Corporate Philosophy

Since its establishment, we have built considerable trust in the Consumer Electronics field by providing superior Consumer Electronics products with a focus on functionality and by promoting our products cost-performance.

Our unique production system, the "Funai Production System," our optimized global production / sales system, in addition to a slim corporate organizations and speedy management. These are vital management resources that have been nurtured throughout our history. We believe that these resources will become our greatest assets as we survive in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Our desire is to bring the entire Group together, improve quality, delivery and cost even further to provide the world with our products that meet the demands of the times and scenes.

Fundamental Principles

Dreams with Convictions, and Information with Behavior

Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

Our Corporate Logo, which shows a stylized "F" breaking out of its circular boundaries, expresses our focus on breaking away from stereotypes, while at the same time symbolizing our vigorous growth.

The shape of the "F" resembles a human hand, conveying production and manufacturing. This shape is meant to convey our high productivity and outstanding quality, with sharp angles to express simplicity.

Corporate Commitments

To adopt continual product improvements
To continually promote ever deeper trust
To seek further harmony and mutual prosperity

Corporate Precepts

Perseverance overcomes all difficulties.
Innovation is achieved through effort.
Humanity must eventually find its expression.

Behavioral Guidelines

  1. Have big dreams and ambition.
  2. Behave tenaciously.
  3. Take on new challenges without fear of failure. Put failures to good use.
  4. Gather information, share it and make use of it.
  5. When you reach your dream, have another dream in place.
  6. Always put pressure on yourself.
  7. Encourage problems to arise and use your wisdom to make improvements.
  8. Coexistence and co-prosperity. Value the trust of others.
  9. Run without stopping and think while running.
  10. Never forget a sense of crisis.