Environment-Friendly Product Development

Efforts to Stop Global Warming

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 32-Inch LCD TV

Graph: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 32-Inch LCD TV

One of the indices Funai Electric uses to determine the environmental performance of its products is the amount of reduction in global warming gases (CO2).

We select a representative model for our principal products and use the LCA method to calculate and evaluate the emissions of global warming gases (CO2 equivalent). We compare this amount with emissions based on the previous year's model to confirm that the amount has decreased.

We evaluate data that has been calculated according to the LCA method, and use this data to develop models for future years.

We face new issues that must be addressed as products become more multifunctional and as products in new categories are developed. We continue working throughout the Company to develop products that will help stop global warming.

Individual Product Initiatives

Designing Environment-Friendly Televisions

We have compared the 32-inch LCD TV produced by ourselves in 2013 with the 2014 models. Reducing the number of components and making parts more compact helped to reduce resource requirements, and transport efficiency increased. Electricity consumption was down 55%, helping to stop global warming. In addition to meeting energy conservation regulations around the world, such as the EU Ecodesign Directive, we are compliant with US Energy Star label requirements, which impose even stricter regulations on energy efficiency.

32-Inch LCD TV

Figure: 32-Inch LCD TV