Customer Relations

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Funai Electric endeavors to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying high-quality and safe products and services, based on a corporate creed of continual product improvement, promotion of deeper trust and further harmony and mutual prosperity.

Responding to Inquiries

We field customer inquiries by via our website. We take to heart the opinions and complaints we receive from customers, as well as information about service interruptions and repairs, feeding this back to the appropriate departments to improve the Company’s products, boost safety and enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance and Product Safety

Fundamental Stance on Product Quality

For a manufacturer, ensuring quality is an important social responsibility. As part of our efforts to satisfy customers and maintain their trust, we strive to boost quality throughout the processes of procuring materials and planning, designing and manufacturing products.

Providing products that are safe and of high quality is the goal underlying our quality control.

Fundamental Stance on Product Safety

To ensure that we provide customers with products that are safe and that they can have peace of mind in using, we comply with a host of domestic and overseas laws, ordinances, regulations and public standards. Furthermore, we have created product safety standards to ensure the essential quality of our products. We consistently search for and implement methods of improving product safety throughout the product planning, design and manufacturing stages, and even after delivering our products, through to the disposal stage.

Quality Assurance Promotion Structure

We involve quality assurance and quality control staff in each phase of operations, including product planning, development and design, procurement, production management and manufacturing technology. This approach helps to instill quality awareness among the engineers in each of these departments.

Departments in charge of each of these activities are assigned quality targets each fiscal year, improving product quality as they work toward these objectives.

We provide employee education and on-the-job training to cultivate a deeper understanding of quality. Also, ISO 9001 promotion committee members in individual departments spearhead initiatives to augment quality and enhance customer satisfaction, thereby sharing quality-related information.

Acquisition of Quality Management System (ISO9001) Certification

We apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to promote continual improvements, involving each employee in the process of creating products that satisfy customers. Attesting to the success of these efforts, we received certification under ISO 9001, the international standard for quality assurance, in 2005. We currently have ISO 9001:2008 certification at our headquarters, affiliated plants and consignment production plants.