Group Procurement Policy

Funai Group Procurement Policy

Basic Policy

The Funai Group is responding to heightened societal demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) by performing its daily business activities on the basis of the Funai Group Code of Conduct. We have established the basic policies described below with regard to our parts and materials procurement activities.

  • Conform with laws, regulations and social norms, and pay attention to environmental preservation.
  • Conduct fair and equitable transactions.
  • Strive for mutual cooperation with business partners and build trust-based relationships.

Procurement Partner Selection Standards

In accordance with the above-mentioned basic policy, when selecting companies as procurement partners the Funai Group gives priority to those that satisfy the following conditions when commencing transactions.

  1. Conformance with laws, regulations and social norms
  2. Respect for human rights, occupational health and safety
  3. Environmental consideration
  4. Construction of systems to ensure excellent product quality
  5. Provision of parts, materials and services that are priced appropriately and competitively
  6. Construction of systems to ensure certain delivery dates and stable supply

CSR Procurement

From a CSR perspective, we ask our business partners to perform the following.

We also ask our customers' business partners to understand the Funai Group Procurement Policy and to make requests that will promote these items.

1. Conformance with Laws, Regulations and Social Norms
We ask that our business partners confirm with the laws, regulations and social norms that apply to the countries in regions in which they conduct their business activities, showing respect for local culture and customs
2. Respect for Human Rights, Occupational Health and Safety
We ask that they respect the fundamental human rights of all people; prohibit forced labor, inhumane treatment, child labor and discrimination; conform with laws related to occupational health and safety; and endeavor to provide appropriate working environments.
3. Environmental Consideration
We ask that they promote environmental preservation activities and provide parts and materials in line with the Funai Group's Green Procurement Standards.
4. Optimal Product Quality and Cost Assurance
To provide products that satisfy our customers, we ask that our business partners respect national and regional safety standards, satisfy the Funai Group's quality requirements, and provide parts, materials and services at prices that are market-competitive.
5. Construction of Systems to Ensure Certain Delivery Dates and Stable Supply
To provide customers with ongoing supplies of products, as well as to respond to sudden demand fluctuations, we ask that our business partners construct supply systems that will ensure accurate delivery times and a stable supply of parts, materials and services. In addition, we ask that they disclose appropriate information regarding management conditions, as necessary.
6. Technological Improvement
To meet customers' needs for products that are excellent in terms of safety, we ask our business partners to make sustained efforts at technological improvements.
7. Confidential Information Management
We ask that they strive to manage confidential and personal information obtained through transactions with the Funai Group in a manner that ensures its confidentiality and that they not publicize such information without the Company's consent.
8. Cooperation in Reporting and Auditing
To secure our supply chain, as well as to practice CSR procurement, we ask that they cooperate in reporting and auditing activities related to CSR procurement.
9. Response to Conflict Mineral Issues

We are working to prohibit the use of cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), coltan (tantalum ore) and gold, or their derivatives, whose extraction or trade supports conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries, and/or contributes to inhumane treatment, including human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, torture and war crimes in the region. In addition, we are promoting clarification of the presence or absence of use of conflict mineral in cooperation with business partners.

We ask you to understand our policy regarding conflict minerals and cooperate with our investigation on the issue.