Shareholders and Investors Relations

Proactively Disclosing Information

Funai Electric's fundamental approach is to disclose to shareholders and investors information that is useful in making investment decisions, and to provide that information promptly, accurately and fairly. To this end, we produce and publish an Annual Report (annually), a Fact Book (annually) and a Shareholder Newsletter (semi-annually). The Newsletter employs graphs, charts and photographs to explain our activities in an easy-to-understand manner.

We meet its obligation to provide explanations to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, by providing Video Footage of its General Meeting of Shareholders and Financial Results Seminars. Such efforts help to deepen an understanding of us.

Photo: Shareholder NewsletterShareholder Newsletter

Promoting Communication

Photo: General Meeting of ShareholdersGeneral Meeting of Shareholders

We consider the General Meeting of Shareholders a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with shareholders. When reporting its operations at the General Meeting of Shareholders, we employ slides designed to present results in a simple and easily understood manner. We also put principal products on display in the meeting hall. Furthermore, twice each year we hold a Financial Results Seminar for institutional investors and securities analysts.