Green Procurement

Initiatives to Green Procurement and request to the business partners

Guided by our corporate motto, "To adopt continual product improvements, to continually promote ever deeper trust, and to seek further harmony and mutual prosperity" FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has set forth environmental policies ensuring that to be committed to protecting the earth's environment, and taking the needs of the environment into consideration in all Company operations.

To ensure that these activities achieve their aim, Funai Electric has been promoting Green Procurement (the use of environmentally friendly articles, materials and products) in all product areas, not only within the company, but also in corperation with our business partners.

Request to the business partners

The "Green Procurement Standards" (hereinafter referred to as "these Standards") consolidate our requests for information on business partners’ chemical substance management systems, proof of legal compliance, and reporting of information on chemical substances included in each article and material.

Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Based on these Standards, there are four main matters that should be surveyed, verified and reported:

  1. Each business partner's chemical substance management system
  2. Compliance with legal bans and restrictions
  3. Information on chemical substances contained in each component/material
  4. Information on constituent materials
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