Business Partner Relations

Fair and Equitable Transactions

As the Funai Group Procurement Policy explains, our fundamental stance is to engage in fair and equitable transactions and the impartial selection of transaction partners. As such, our procurement activities comply with laws, regulations and social norms.

Promoting CSR throughout the Supply Chain

We promote CSR activities throughout the supply chain by sharing its perspectives on CSR with its business partners. In this way, we are helping to create a sustainable society.

Response to the Issue of Conflict Minerals

"Conflict minerals" refer to minerals that originate in or nearby Africa's Democratic Republic of the Congo, as proceeds from the sale of such minerals may be used to fund armed insurgents that conduct inhumane acts. Companies that are listed in the United States are legally obligated to disclose their use of conflict minerals.

As stated in the Funai Group Procurement Policy, our fundamental stance is that it does not employ conflict minerals. We are working with our business partners on initiatives concerning the issue of of conflict minerals.