Meeting our Environmental and Social Responsibilities and Striving to Enhance Corporate Value

Since its establishment, Funai Electric has earned considerable trust in the digital consumer electronics industry as a result of its dedication to providing superior products focused on high-quality and cost-performance. As a company that is expanding its operations on a global scale, we recognize the importance of meeting its environmental responsibilities and its social responsibilities in the course of its business.

All Group directors and employees comply with laws and regulations and behave in accordance with a clear understanding of the Funai Group Code of Conduct. We have also established compliance guidelines and endeavor to comply with laws and regulations and business ethics.

Our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Charter, which we declare both internally and externally, serves as the basic philosophy and guideline for our activities involving environmental preservation and occupational health and safety. We have formulated Environmental Policies and Occupational Health and Safety Policies to more specifically define these activities, which we conduct on a daily basis. The basic idea behind our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Charter is “to adopt continual product improvements, to continually promote ever deeper trust, and to seek further harmony and mutual prosperity. This charter expresses our commitment to environmental consideration in our business activities. In this manner, we strive to meet the expectations of the varied stakeholders in which we come into contact during our operations, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees and members of the community. At our operational sites, we conduct environmental activities on an ongoing basis by conserving energy and resources, reducing CO2 emissions and seeking to lower environmental impact over the entire product lifecycle.

In our efforts to be trusted by our stakeholders, each our executives and employees will work consciously and fervently to enhance our corporate value with a sense of social responsibility.