Social Contribution Activities

Participation in Community Beautification and Cleaning Activities

Each year, Funai Electric participates in community beautification and cleaning activities sponsored by the city of Daito. From April through June, when these activities are in progress, we work aggressively to make our community clean and attractive by picking up cans, cigarette butts and other litter.

In fiscal 2014, 66 employees participated in efforts to clean up the area around our headquarters.

Photo: Before clean-up work beginsClean-up in progress

Photo: Clean-up in progressClean-up in progress

Eco-Cap Activities

Photo: Eco-Cap Activities

We participate in an NPO's efforts to collect and recycle the caps from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. The proceeds from this activity are used to buy vaccines for children in developing countries.

We began participating in the activity in October 2010. During fiscal 2014 we collected and sent to the NPO 48,160 caps, . As result, 112 kg of material was recycled. The proceeds were sufficient to buy vaccines for 56 children.

Separating Empty Aluminum Beverage Containers toward the Gift of Wheelchairs

Photo: Separating Empty Aluminum Beverage Containers toward the Gift of Wheelchairs

We separate and collect the empty aluminum cans that contain drinks sold at vending machines around our office facilities. Once a certain amount has been collected, we send the materials to the company that operates the vending machines, generating proceeds that go toward a wheelchair donation.

  As we wanted the wheelchairs that were purchased to go to public use, we have designated Daito Syakai Fukushi Kyogikai (Daito Social Welfare Council) as the recipient.The proceeds were used to purchase three wheelchairs by fiscal 2014.

  Daito Syakai Fukushi Kyogikai lends out these wheelchairs for free to people who need them.

Assistance for Victims of Natural Disasters

Funai Electric helps the unfortunate victims of natural disasters in various ways.

  To assist the victims of the earthquake, which struck the offshore of Chu-Etsu in Niigata prefecture in July 2007, we donated our 32inch LCD TVs.

  Most recently, to assist victims for the Great East Earth Quake in March 2011, we also donated 90 units of 40inch LCD TVs and 15 units of 19inch LCD TVs, With the thought of if it stands to the far and near amusement which suffered a great deal of damage at a role. Simultaneously, the domination money is collected from the employee of our headquarters, and the relief money was used for the rescue and assistance of victims of the disasters, through the Japanese Red Cross Societies.



Participating in Other Social Contribution Activities

Photo: Participating in Other Social Contribution Activities

In fiscal 2014 a total of more than 60 employees participated in environment-related volunteer activities in accordance with our ISO 14001 activity objective.

We took part in Daito Clean Walk and Environment Fair 2014 Daito City, and the Onchi River Clean River Project. As a result of internal recruitment activities, 60 employees participated in these activities in fiscal 2014.