Environmental Activity Philosophy and Policies


From the perspective of global environmental preservation, Funai Electric recognizes that its product and worksite activities have a significant impact on the environment. Accordingly, we take a companywide approach to the introduction of ongoing environmental preservation activities.

We aim to reach the state where each of our employees is conscious of efforts to protect the environment and conducts environmentally considerate business activities.

We strive to provide simple, high-quality products to customers, make effective use of resources without wasting them, reduce environmental impact and coexist harmoniously with the natural environment.

Message from Management

Since its establishment, we have built considerable trust in the video equipment field by providing superior electronic goods with a focus on functionality and by promoting our product cost-performance.

The unique production system that we have cultivated—the "Funai Production System," our technical strength in mechatronics and our production and sales systems that are optimized for the best locations throughout the world, are vitalmanagement resources that have been nurtured throughout the Company's history. We believe these resources will be our greatest assets as we battle for survival in an increasingly competitive industry. We are redoubling our efforts on the quality, delivery schedule and cost fronts, as we deliver to the world products that meet the changing needs of the times.

Amid these efforts, we will be particularly proactive in environmental activities—one of the pillars of our management. We will continue to promote environmental activities involving both the Company's worksites and its products.

Philosophy and Policies behind our Environmental Preservation Activities

The basic philosophy and policies behind our environmental preservation activities are expressed in the Funai Group Code of Conduct and our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Charter. In addition to these codes, which we declare both inside and outside the Company, we have formulated the environmental policies outlined below as specific action policies for our everyday activities.

Environmental Policies

  1. We shall practice ethical management and comply with all laws and regulations.
  2. We shall take the initiative in voluntarily eliminating the use of hazardous substances and shall offer environment-friendly products.
  3. We shall establish goals for environmentally conscious design and shall offer environment-friendly products.
  4. We shall implement initiatives to attain zero emissions.
  5. We shall establish environmental goals, conduct periodic reviews, and implement continual improvements.
  6. We shall provide all employees with environmental education and shall strive to adopt environmental improvements.